Glossier Review

Did you hear? Glossier now ships to Canada! I was always interested in their products, but being from Canada made it difficult to pick them up. Luckily, I was able to get an order in and spend a couple weeks trying out the items I ordered. The package showed up in this pretty pink box with my goodies inside! Take a look below to see what I picked up and what I think about them!

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The cloud paint is a cream blush and I picked up the shade, Dusk. After using the products for a couple weeks and seeing the versatile wearability of it (cheeks, eyes, even lips if you want!), I would be interested in ordering a few other shades. The Puff shade looks like it would be beautiful on any shade of skin, but particularly when I don’t have as strong of a tan in the summer, I think it would bring a very natural glow to the cheek. The Haze shade also looks really beautiful! I used the cloud paint on my eyes as well for a cohesive look.
skin tint, glossier, makeup, natural look

The next item I ordered is the Perfecting Skin Tint in the shade medium. I was expecting this to be similar to a tinted moisturizer, and it is in a few ways. It is very sheer coverage, more evening out skin tone rather than covering any imperfections. This is well suited for me in the summer when my complexion is clearer and I don’t have as many blemishes to cover. I applied this with a damp beauty blender and if you’re looking to achieve a no makeup makeup look, this is the product for you!

glossier canada, glossier review, glossier, makeup

The last item I picked up was the highlighter, Haloscope in the shade Moonstone. The Glossier website describes this shade as giving an “opalescent glaze” to the skin. I thought it was a light and buildable product that could have multiple uses, maybe if you’re interested in trying the wet eyelid look, you could apply this to the lid to achieve this.

Have you ordered anything from Glossier? What’s your favourite item?


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