megan olivia

megan olivia is a source to find inspiration from fashion, beauty, + travel. With every post, I hope that you find a little bit of magic to brighten your day.

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 a little backstory

I was born and raised in Leamington, Ontario but also spent a number of years living in Ottawa, Ontario, while studying Public Relations. I’ve always had a lot of fun trying to keep up with the latest trends in style and beauty, but I think what I was really looking for was an outlet to share my own ideas and outlook on lifestyle topics. Finally I’ve created something I am very proud of, The blog is something new, but it has been years in the making, so this is a very rewarding feeling. Creating and working on this blog has been an amazing experience, and the most exciting part is that I feel I have so much more to learn. I will be posting regularly on various lifestyle topics that I hope you’ll all enjoy. I can’t wait to share some of my favourite styles and trends with you!